Monday, May 16, 2005

Too Much Free Time? Need Distractions?

Join id-gmail, play Blogshares, or even better, do both! :D

But before you do, please consider these:

  • id-gmail is a high traffic mailing list. There are several, very uncreative member who will post everything you won't want to read just to get top poster of the month.
  • id-gmail moderators won't let you read archives without subscribing first
  • You can't subscribe id-gmail in no-mail mode. Even if you do so, any moderators there will be quickly change your subscription mode into email mode.
  • No nettiquette in id-gmail. Top posting is a norm. (Relevan nor irrelevant) quotes never deleted. People bashing is very common. To be more precise, read Tao of id-gmail yourself and weep

But why those (several hundred of them) people still eager to be a member? I think because:
  • id-gmail is full of creative people, there are many interesting postings -- those I might never find out myself just by doing my usual, daily dose of blogwalking and skimming all those my bookmark content -- everyday
  • Many clowns there :D. Almost every post were replied with unimaginable twist of creativity displays. Messages embeded in image, embedded in image's metadata, using morse code, plesetan, and so on, and so on, ...
  • You can learn to laugh at yourself, or make anyone as laughingstock, no hard feeling.

Of course if you don't understand Bahasa Indonesia, it's useless to subscribe there.

And what about Blogshares? I might discuss this on my next posting. Stay around!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bisa ngga ya bikin script untuk otomatis ngeset subscription id-gmail jadi no-email ? :D perlu dicoba nih!