Thursday, April 14, 2005

Time To Restructure

With too many (actually only a few, but I don't have so much ideas like Budi Rahardjo who can fill way too many blogs) blog services I subscribe, I think I need a way to give different colors to each of them.

I will continue to use this blog for my main (can we say most important or serious?) topics here.

Yahoo! 360:
Maybe for things I enjoy in my spare time (as if I have any ... :)) ) like anime, blogshares, F1, MotoGP, football, id-gmail, ...

I haven't decided yet what I will put in there. Maybe just a list of lists like 10 things I did today

Keluarga Wignyasumarta:
Blog about my (big) family. Nothing interesting for outsider really.

Deserted. At least this year. I have no idea what to put in there. Swear!

Heh. I even forgot that I have a blog there also. Sigh

Modblog, tBLOG:
Do I have accounts there? No? Good! Less things to worry :D

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