Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Heh, Cool Email Account

Mr. Rob 'Commander' Pike has a very, very interesting email account: r @ google dot  com, do you have any other interesting ones?


Priyadi said...

Every one letter email address is cool. A few years ago, my friend created an email address for himself: mdamt at a time also had an interesting email address: md @ But I think people nowadays like better.

ronny said...

Anyone that has a domain name can create their one one-letter-username email address. What makes it interesting is the domain name itself. is cool.

I used to play around with sub domains like, or just wildcard * hoping I can come up with something clever (or norak?).

Some people think I, my brother, Steven and his brother, have interesting email addresses because we share the common last name, Haryanto, and we use the domain, so our email addresses and our webpage addresses are simply our names with some extra punctuation characters (dots and @). Credits go to Steven for coming up with the idea.