Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Updated: Debian Sid on Acer Aspire 5583 NWXMi

My experience on configuring Debian Sid on Acer Aspire 5583 NWXMi. This laptop is a varian of Acer Aspire 5580. Hopefully useful to anyone who has same/similar machine. Added info: custom DSDT to solve battery problem, PCMCIA, xrandr, Intel 3945, etc.


Anonymous said...

Sarge or Sid?

Installation with Debian 3.1r4 (Sarge) x86 is tricky.

Andika Triwidada said...

bacanya jangan sepotong-sepotong dong om :D di mesin itu saya coba pasang 10+ macam distro/os :))