Friday, February 29, 2008

Batere Lagi

Dari EETimes:

... The first commercial product inspired by QuantumSphere's technology will debut later this year: a battery using a cathode coated with the startup's nanoparticles, thereby increasing its energy density 5x over alkaline cells and boosting power by 320 percent. The first commercial nonrechargeable batteries with this increased capacity will be announced by an as-yet-unnamed major U.S. battery maker in the second half of 2008...

Energy density 5x tapi boosting power 320 persen? Jadi untuk volume yang sama, batere akan 5x lebih panjang umurnya atau 3.2x?

Akar teknologi yang dipakai sama: nanotechnology, tapi belum sampai 10x dari kapasitas batere sekarang sih, lagipula nonrechargeable. Tapi paling tidak few years bukan 10 tahun lah :D

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