Wednesday, September 01, 2004

They Need 7.5 Years More Time?

... meanwhile I can't keep my eyes open right now. Too tired. Do I have to sleep 7.5 years long then wake up again when everything's safe again?

Microsoft's War on Bugs

It's not a switch that can be flipped. Software written by humans will always contain errors. We're fundamentally changing the way things operate, to help to make software more resistant to attacks. We're two and a half years down a much longer road; it's more of a 10-year timeline.


Unknown said...

Learn from history: we have to spent some reasonable amount of resources for the possibility of yet-still-another-unpredictable bug...

My oh my, according to Mr. Gates, operating system lifecycle is about ten years also, so it is playful enough for guessing next OS' name while sleeping 7,5 years. :)

adinoto said...

Yeah in the meantime you can get yourself playing around with PowerBook and OS X. Or get yourhand dirty with Linux.

Myself now looking is forward for the next PowerBook G5 for OS X and Dual-Core Opteron for Linux workstation heaven.

In the meantime I should be happy enough with iMac 17" for OS X enjoyment and my just just stepped (wrecked) 4G iPod -- check my blog at, and refused-to-die ThinkPad Pentium II (600E) :P for Linux console.

Last time I check out my Windows machine I endup doing the iteration of format-reinstalling. Geez I might now consider MCSI (Microsoft Certified Software Installer).

Rage on! :p